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spring area. abc's john h is live with the very latest from a still very active seen. >> reporter: good evening kelly. the gunman police say walked into the first floor lobby of the building with the blue sign behind me flashing a gun and carrying metallic canisters that police say could have held explosives that he is believed to have been in the first floor for the entire time holding hostage as police negotiated for hours for their release. after keeping police at bay for four hours the gun man holding three hostage was shot by police. >> the suspect was shot by police officers. the device appeared to go off. we haven't confirmed that as of this time we saw some smoke. >> reporter: officers received reports of at least one shot fired in the lobby of the silver spring maryland building shortly before 1:00 p.m.
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and some witnesses reported hearing multiple shots but police did not confirm those reports. >> everybody move as far away from the bidding as you can. >> reporter: police fire fbi and swat teams are on the scene. dozens of by standers can be seen fleeing away. initially they said the building was being evacuated. lee is seen here being arrested in 2008 after protesting in front of the same building. in a text message sent to abc news one discovery employee wrote i am work closet with employees there is a shatter i am okay. another quote they are openeding us away from the bidding guy has explosives and hostage in lobby not sure if there is more than one. one reported enfants being rolled out to a mcdonald's
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across the street. after four hours the ordeal was over. with the explosive device it could be much worse. >> that's a pretty busy area what's the scene like right now? >> reporter: right now if you can see behind me, this is a news conference going on. you can see a how lot of curious onlookers. right now it is a scene of curiosity. earlier today it was a scene of organized chaos. as police and others escorted children from the daycare center there rolling cribs over to the mcdonald's behind me. other people were escaping in the end the government only had three hostages with him that effort to get everybody out of the building was apparently successful. >> thank you very much. remember 24 hours a day you can sign up for breaking news alerts by logging on to your source for
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breaking news. >> it would be a fitting end to a great summer a little hurricane at the beach. >> families are secure and everybody is connected together you can have a way out and have a plan to get out everybody would know where you're supposed to meet at a certain time. >> hurricane earl is barrelling toward the mid atlantic coast and there are growing concerns tonight that millions of holiday beachgoers could underestimate earl's potential danger. north carolina and virginia have declared a state of emergency. maryland's coastal areas are under a hurricane watch, and tonight don harrison is keeping a close eye on earl what's the mood like tonight. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest weekends of the summer there could be 300,000 people here. ocean city is a coastal town they are used to getting storms tropical depressions nor he's terse. there's a lot of sand behind me hopefully ocean city's beach
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can handle this. there's about 10 miles of beach in ocean city. the lifeguards are spread thin because a lot have gone home or back to school. so vacationers are looking for a little excitement from earl. >> we're not worried about it. we're excited about the hurricane. we don't get any in new york. >> reporter: well some people are excited about this. of course you know the beach gets up here and the surfers like it out here and we have maryland's spokesman their mayor, mayor rick meehan how is ocean city looking for this weekend. >> i think we're looking all things considered pretty good. it looks like the storm is going to pass a couple hundred miles to the east of ocean city. we will get some light tropical winds. we're going to have some storm surge we're going to have some beach erosion probably fooding in the very low-lying areas that floods every time it rains. but other than that we're not expecting any major problems. and the good news is storm is going to arrive sometime early friday morning. it should be out of here by
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late friday afternoon and shortly after that this is probably the kind of weather we're going to be experiencing. >> reporter: talk to me quickly about the critical time thursday night where we're going to look at what's going to happen. >> we're going to monitor very closely thursday night as it passes hatteras and makes that bends to see exactly how it turns. the models show it's going to turn towards the east and just skirt the coast be a few hundred miles offshore. if anything changes we're asking our visitors to use caution, use common sense travel after the storm. same message governor o'malley is putting 0 out we talked about it last night if anything changes we will get the word out to visit, 0 and residents. >> reporter: beautiful as always right now in ocean city. i'll be talking to the emergency management personnel tonight and tomorrow to keep an eye on things. but for now things are beautiful we'll see what happens a little later on. live in ocean city don harrison for abc 2 news. you saw don and the mayor
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there on the beach and the irony is once this thing blows past on friday, we're going to see the sunshine out again. it will be a nice three day weekend weather wise but the waves, the surf is going to be up in a huge huge way fridayes a dicey day for travel or for being on the beach. hurricane earl has been upgraded again to a category 4 major hurricane as it moves off the florida coast just about due north on the direction. little different perspective here. you can see the size of this thing. the outer bands already pushing in as close as virginia beach. but the core of the storm is far south as southern florida it's just a large and a powerful hurricane. and here's the track. and the mayor just alluding to this. we expect it to hold a lot of intensity as it moves into the outer banks. this is thursday, late thursday night into early friday morning. and then the key time frame for maryland is going to be into the day on friday from early
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friday morning through friday afternoon we start to have at least a category 2 hurricane very close to the ocean city, and delaware beaches. so this is going to merit a very close watch. then it clears out quickly though saturday into the rest of the holiday weekend. so earl at its closest friday a stormy day, a day where we could see winds 45 miles per hour or higher down at the peach. right now it is expected to make that turn. look at the wave action too. 8 to 10-foot waves expected by friday down along the maryland delaware beaches. so use caution if you head down he specially when it comes to the water. you don't want to be out there friday or probably even saturday as this high surf stays up. much more on earl and this heat wave we're seeing in early september coming up. >> thanks a lot wyatt. well, everyone is on high alert as earl moves closer right now the coast guard and maryland natural resources police are gearing up in preparation for the storm's arrival. we have live team coverage in curtis bay with the coast
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guard's plan of attack. >> reporter: they want people who own boats around the area and there are thousands of them, to stay informed, keep an eye on hurricane earl as it approaches to see what it might do. are taking can they are asking people if you have a boat maybe you want to pull it out of the water. if you don't want to pull it out of the water maybe you wants to secure some extra lines to it in case you don't plan on moving it. that's what the coast guard is doing with their vessels right now. the coast guard is also making sure that the port of baltimore is secure and ready. they are doing an assessment there. hugely important for the state economically. the storm not forecasted to come this far inland. still right now i can tell you the coast guard is assessing what is in the port. its like an inventory of what's in there, and will vessels have to be moved out at this point they will not. for the port to be closed to commercial traffic there would have to be the threat of gail force winds within the next 12 hours. that of course has not happened yesterday but be assured the coast guard is watching. as for boats and other boaters around the area they say they
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would have been at full staffing levels this weekend. however, for them earl is one more thing to worry about. >> we prepare for the worst. all of our investigation of are made ready personnel check their equipment. duty assignments are assigned and we pro with the best available information we have at the time. >> reporter: if you do plan on taking your boat out tomorrow or friday they are asking you call a float plan which is basically telling someone where you're going to be from what time are you expecting to come back if you go missing someone would know you're missing and they could come look for you. but the coast guard stresses for the next several days they would prefer if people would stay on dry land. >> thanks chris. no one is taking earl lightly. governor martin o'malley has just signed a declaration of emergency in preparation for hurricane earl, so everyone needs to be careful and take
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precautions. people who live along the chesapeake bay are preparing for whatever earl mabry with it. while tropical storm isabel tracked across western maryland in 2003 it caused extensive flooding along the bay. firefighters at the north point volunteer fire company are putting their initial emergency plans into motion and asking residents to do the same. >> hurricane season you never know what's going to come up the bay. high winds or whatever to push the water up. so i hope that everybody is trying to get ready get a bottle water get the flashlights going and whatnot. and just keep an eye on the with it. that's all we ask. >> in the aftermath of the flooding on miller's island almost 7 years ago residents also suffered looting from their flooded homes. that actually prompted police to set up roadblocks and to check motorists going in and coming out. p. we are working to keep you and your family safe regardless of whatever hurricane earl sends our way. know your hoping's
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vulnerability to storm surge flooding and wind dang. determine escape routes from your home and also places where you can meet. make a plan now for what to do with your pet if you need to evacuate. post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911. check your insurance coverage, nude damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance. stock nonperishable emergency supplies and a disaster supply kit and have a weather radio, and remember to replace its battery every 6 months. and finally have a first aid kit handy. most importantly stay tuned to abc 2 news for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. hurricane earl special tracking the path of the storm. we will be live in ocean city. and friday we're going to start good morning maryland at 4:00 a.m. with the latest developments
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and the impact of your holiday weekend plans. well, despite all what's going on the count down to the labor day weekend is still on but hurricane earl is blowing across the east coast threatening some folks holiday weekend vacations. we're going to tell you what you need to know before you pack up and head to the beach. plus the baltimore grand prix is growing. the latest plans for next year's race. . you know kelly other than the hurricane we've got some very, very hot dry weather 95 at bwi to kickoff september. 95 was your 2-degree guarantee our winner tracey johnson out of windsor mill. we'll be back with all your weather right after this.
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. hurricane preparations are in high gear along the east coast from north carolina to new england while the storm may be hundreds of miles away the cage near the surf is already here. on long island we're seeing a repeat of the rip tide and
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rough surf dangers. public safety officials say they have had their work cut out for them. >> in fact yesterday we must have pulled about maybe 60 to a hundred people out of the water. >> you got to take what you get and take care of yourself as best as you can. >> it's still too early in earl will come close to hitting the new york area. let's focus on the impact we're going to have from earl here in maryland. all right. let's take a look at hurricane earl. and you can see big storm. i mean, that's the bottom line big and powerful and of course always two things you look at with these storms and that's the size but also the power. and in this case we briefly are down to a category 3 earlier today. now we're back to a category 4. you can see the storm cycling another well-defined eye wall stadium effect eye wall forming here and this due east fort
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lauderdale florida. friday 2:00 in the morning this storm had been pounding cape hatteras and the outer banks of north carolina by the overnight hours thursday into friday morning. the most interesting time for virginia and maryland and delaware is going to be as we go through the day friday. this is 2:00. category 2 strength expected. large wind field. at least tropical storm force winds likely. if this track were to veer at all the storm still 700 miles away. if this veers at all to the west maryland virginia delaware could be much more in the bums eye of this particular. it less we do expect for sure this hurricane to weaken by the time it gets that far north. hurricane watch is already up. ocean city delaware virginia beach. hurricane warnings up for eastern north carolina. look at the beach today you would never know what's knocking on the door. surf's up a little pit but nothing like we're going to see
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in the next few days here. in fact we expect high of 7- foot waves by thursday, by friday we could see 10 even 12- foot swells rolling into the beach. rough surf at the minimum down toward the beaches. right now back in baltimore quiet and hot. hot has been the theme. what a hot way to start off the month of september. 91 now we've seen temperatures up close to 100 today in many spots across the state. look at frederick still sweltering at 97. chambers 91 a annapolis in the upper 80s. humidity hi but not oppressive southwest breeze tomorrow courtesy of a cold front pushing out of the north and west. high pressure gives us sunshine for one more day and also the heats. the interesting thing here as this front pushes further south warm southerly wind comes in through the day tomorrow and this is actually one of the first cloud bands of hurricane earl already tonight coming in to the outer banks. gives you an idea how large this storm storm reaches.
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our forecast model thursday 5:00 we're still sunny across the state. cold front pushing in hurricane earl coming up through the carolinas. you can see how close that track was. i mean, it really hugs the mid atlantic cove overnight 70 clear skies tomorrow into the day another quiet day. another hot day about 90 or so partly cloudy and then as we check the outlook. cooler air comes in but earl is offshore the ocean city area. we're looking at a breezy day it will be stormier all the way into friday night. sunday for the these day weekend much cooler but watch out for big sur of the you're headed that way. >> thanks a lot wyatt. coming up at 11:00 team coverage of hurricane earl continues we'll bring you the very latest for preparations around maryland and the eastern seaboard.
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an anne arundel county woman says she can't live in her apartment because of a bed bug infestation. she's fighting her landlord to admit to the problem but won't give her a break on the rent. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 11:00. the grand prix race became a much bigger event there will be two races during the labor day weekend next year. brian kuebler explains what it means for racing fans and for the city. >> reporter: the grand prix event next year just got bigger faster and more high profile. >> america lemans it's like hitting the grand slam in the world series this is going to put baltimore on the map. >> reporter: mayor stephanie r was on hand for the announcement that the american lemans series will be joining the indycar race next labor day weekend. the lemans series creates an impressive doubleheader over
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the three days making baltimore a true destination for the motorsports world, one the mayor says means a windfall of money and exposure to the city. >> people are already booking hotels they are already booking restaurants. this is going to be a great thing. tourism is our leading single industry in the city and this will be a big boost on tourism economy. >> reporter: lemans series is a different race all together with different cars using leading technology. you may very well see in your own new car soon. it comes with its own fan base, its own rules. the decision to get in on baltimore's grand preweekend was a no brainer says ceo scott attar ton. >> when you look at the inner harbor area here just the natural beauty that's already when you add the perform the circumstance the pagentry that's going to come with this event it's going to be special. >> reporter: not many need convincing. an >> i can't be thrilled enough.
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i've never seen these run on the same weekend at a weekend i've been to. to be able to enjoy both of these series and separate appeal. >> reporter: an appeal that just doubled having city leaders hoping that even more people will spend their time and money in baltimore's inner harbor next year. in baltimore brian kuebler abc 2 news. and if you sat in all that traffic downtown recently you may already know that the city is starting to prepare for the races. many parts of pratt and light streets are being improved and resurfaced. the city has a contract for both races for five years. we'll be right back after a short break. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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. we're going to be watching all weekend. >> we got a lot going on kelly. first off the heat is if it going to let us for us tomorrow. central maryland hot sticky humidity gets heighter kelly even if the air temp's down a couple of degrees. down at the beach a lot of people traveling down there for the big three day weekend. really watch friday that's going to be our diceyest day by far for traveling to ocean city or being down there. we're going to have to watch the storm track. 8 to 10-foot waves by friday. one last look at hurricane earl we'll be tracking it all evening with hourly updates. >> we're back at 11:00. have a great night.
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